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Another idea for the Defense Fund

Hi everyone,
Since many subscribers to this list are members of the AGA (myself included) 
and will be at the Fall Conference in Chattanooga this November, maybe we can 
do something there to help raise money for the Defense Fund. I will assume 
some of this year's Conference organizer's will see this post, or perhaps 
someone can forward this post to the appropriate person.
2 Ideas:

1. There will be a silent auction. When you register to sell, maybe there can 
be a designation on the form to indicate if you wish to donate the proceeds 
of an item to the Defense Fund. People could bring a couple plants for the 
auction as a donation to the Defense Fund if they wanted. 

2.  There could be a general announcement at the beginnings of each day's 
events that if anyone wishes to make a direct monetary contribution to the 
Fund, a specific person (volunteer) could be designated, who would then 
forward any collected monies to the appropriate person for deposit. 

I will be at the Conference all three days, and would be glad to help with 
anything related to the above. Anyone connected to the Conference please feel 
free to contact me if I can help.