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Screw-in compacts at 6500K


I recently started a 20g and used screw-in compacts for supplemental 
lighting. These are "MaxLite Economax" and available @ 6500K; so far, 
excellent bulbs and a nice lighting alternative for relatively smaller 
systems. Here's the manufacturer's promo sheet: 
<http://www.maxlite.com/economax.pdf>. I grabbed these at a local Ace 
Hardware, on sale for about $5.99 apiece.

a few new photos ...

David Luckie wrote: [truncated]

What I'm looking for (and not having much luck) are
Power Compact Flourescents with an acceptable Color
Temp.  So far, the only ones I have been able to find
in the local warehouse joints are the 2700 K PCF's
meant to emulate incandescent light.  That's too
yellow for my taste.

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