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Re: pearling and CO2 from yeast

Diana wrote:

>    I use yeast for my CO2 production.  I haven't seen pearling in the tank
> yet.  Is it possible to get the plants to pearl using DIY CO2 from yeast?

Yes -- it works for me.

> I
> have an average of 3 watts per gallon for lighting running 12 hours a day. 
> The plant growth is lovely, but I wonder about this pearling.  I would love
> to see and get photos of this phenomenon in my tanks.

My tanks that bubble daily have 3 watts/gallon lighting (30 watts NO
fluorescent over 10 gallon tanks), yeast CO2 provided from 1-quart of
solution changed once/month.  They have a low (in one case) to moderate
(in the other) fish load and circulation is provided by a small
powerhead in each tank.  There is no filtration.  The plants aren't
necessarily fast growers; there's some fast-growers and some
slow-growers in each tank.

I have a similar setup on a 55 gallon tank that pearls only for a short
while after pruning.  Many plants in that tank reach the surface so even
though it gets 3 watts/gallon lighting, the light intensity in the tank
is nowhere near the intensity in the 10 gallon tanks.  The greater water
depth also has 
something to do with reducing the intensity.

Roger Miller