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RE Dual stage regulators and CO 2 Setups

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Subject: RE Dual stage regulators and CO 2 Setups

Thanks for the great post to the list. I have a biowheel setup too 
(though I decided that the plants make the best filter and disconnected 
the biowheels, leaving the powerhead and sponge prefilter in place), and 
have been using an Eheim diffuser. I can second the observations about 
the Eheim. I needed probably closer to 200+ bubbles/minute before my 
plants would start pearling. (In spite of the fact that I too added 
baking soda and did bleach and muriatic acid soaks for the diffuser). 
Not what I wanted.

I'm waiting for a CO2 reactor I ordered to come in. Having to refill a 
10# CO2 tank for a 55 gallon planted aquarium every few months is no fun.

Stephen Boulet