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Re: Blue green algae question

> Okay then, how about this? 

Well, there goes my theory.  :)

> The suggestion regarding hydrogen peroxide is 
> intriguing... any drawbacks to using it?

So far, none that outweigh its benefits, if it's used 
wisely.  I've used it a couple of times to knock down 
BGA while I resolve the causes of the problem.   

I settled on the 1/2 oz per 10 gallon dosage  based 
in part on some experiments done by Augie Eppler last 

That dosage may be enough to hammer your filter
along with the BGA colony.  That's also based on 
experiments I did last year.  When I use H2O2, I
bypass the filter culture or relocate it.

Good results can be had by using a turkey baster or 
long dropper to administer the H2O2 right in the 
affected area.  Some H2O2 will still diffuse through
the tank, but the effects will be concentrated where
you applied it.  You should see a profuse stream of
Oxygen bubbles within minutes of application.  Within
12 hours, the BGA should be completely gone from the 
treated area.

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