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Dual stage regulators and CO 2 Setups


I'm new to the list but I have been reading the archives.  I have used DIY CO2 since an article in Aquarium Fish Magazine described the procedure.  I want to set up a CO2 system now and I'm looking for the components.  I read a discussion about dual stage regulators and I was wondering if the M3 regulator was a dual stage one. I'm not sure how to tell. I haven't seen any mention of this even when looking through the mail order catalogs.  Is this necessary?  I don't think I am knowledgeable to put together my own system by going to welding companies etc.  I want a system that is ready to go and especially made  for aquariums.  What are your thoughts on the Ultralife CO2 system and the Eheim CO2 Set and M3 Setup. 

Also, Do I have to have a bubble counter and diffuser/reactor?

Thank you,


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