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Eheim and Hot Magnum

I am interested in very clean, clear water for my 29g planted & fish tank.
It strikes me that despite some possible quality and other benefits from the
Ehiem, the HOT may be better for my purpose.  Is it very quick and easy to
convert from conventional to micron filtration on the HOT?  If I want to,
will I be able to change from conventional to water polishing once or twice
a week, in a matter of a few minutes?  Ditto to change back?

I may find that this is not a big issue, once I use either of these filters,
because either will yield much clearer, cleaner water than my current
Whisper 30 (which has fairly minimal flow).  I do not have any green water,
just a lot of suspended dirt, and cloudiness that develops within a week of
water change or diatom.  My nutrients and water chemistry are fine.  No
meaningful algae at this time.  Everything is healthy.