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Number 63 and counting..........

At 7:36 AM +0800 8/13/01, someone wrote:
>Loh K L:
>I just made a donation to the APD Defense Fund. If you would send me some
>Christmas Moss, I sure would appreciate it.

And he was number 63!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right, folks.  He was the 63rd person to write me for
the christmas moss.
The narrow leaf java ferns are all gone but I still have enough moss for
several people.
I'm aiming for 70, a nice round number.  So I need another 7 requests at
least.  If you
have no idea what this is all about (where have you been??), please click on:


Write me now and get your moss in time to grow your own moss wall by Christmas.
It's all about that Christmassy feeling.  You know, the one that is about

Loh K L