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Re: cleaning cannister tubes....any tubes really

> For smaller tubes, (standard airhose or smaller)
> find a length of 50-100# test monofilament fishing 
> string and tie a knot on one end. Take a lighter and

> melt the knot so it doesn't come off. Shove it 
> through any small hose and out comes the goo!  

The tubing feeding my pond's waterfall frequently need
cleaning.  There are two 1/2" ID hoses going from the
pond's two pumps to the waterfall inlet.  All manner
of funk collects on the walls of those hoses.  The
diameter of the tubing isn't affected that much, but
the additional surface area created by all the growth
causes a lot of friction.  I use weed wacker cord with
a small sponge attached to the end.  By the time it's
made its way down the length of the hose, I have gobs
of goo.  I have to do this weekly, and I do it at the
same time I backflush the pond's filter.  It takes all
of 30 minutes to backflush the filter, evict all the
dadgum tadpoles who were sucked up by the pumps and
took up residence in the combo filter/waterfall basin,
and clean the tubing.

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