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Free Anubias; Flourite for sale

Hi all,

I'm clearing out the tank and have maybe a dozen or so of what I believe is
Anubias barteri var nana available...  They are small (~4-5 leaves, total,
about 4-6" tall) but in good condition.  In my own tank, I tie them to
rocks with fishing line, since burying roots in substrate cause it to rot.
I will send out two plants per package (a $10 value!), no rocks or fishing
line included.  Some may have a little java fern attached to it (I pull it
off periodically, but it's faster than I am!).  The tank originally had
bba, but after putting in a handful of Simaese algae eaters, I haven't seen
bba in 3 or 4 years.  The tank is snail free (thanks to a yo yo loach pair).  

I would love to trade for some plants (other than crypts).  If we trade,
then I hope/expect that we will ship to each other via priority mail.  High
or low light plants are fine, I have one of those AH Supply bright kits
installed on each half of my tank.  

I thought I'd wrap the plants in wet newspaper, then aluminum foil and
ziploc bags, priority mail to get them out quickly.  If you prefer a
different way of packaging or shipping, I will do my best to accomodate all
reasonable requests.  I can't afford to pay shipping on so many packages,
so I must request that you pay $4 shipping, or pick up in central NJ (I'm
in Monmouth Junction).  First come, first serve (I will post when/if the
plants are no longer available), and I'd like to send them out tomorrow, so
first to pay ensures a plant.  Please email to confirm availability before
sending payment.  Because I have to get them out tomorrow, I can only
accept paypal at this time.  

Lastly, I have two full bags of Flourite.  I misjudged how much I would
need for my 55 g tank and bought 5 bags; it turns out I only need 3.  I'm
asking $13/15.4 lb bag, same price as thatfishplace.com, pickup preferred
but will ship if necessary (you pay shipping, inquire for rates).  Again,
I'm in central NJ.  

Hope to hear from some of you soon,