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Australian sources for bottled CO2


I'm setting up a new 360 litre aquarium, which I hope to heavily plant.  I
have had a lot of success using yeast to generate CO2 for my current 70
litre aquarium, but don't look forward to the hassle of lots of soft drink
bottles for the larger tank.  Also, being keen on engineering, I'd like to
regulate the CO2 by monitoring pH.

So I really want to do CO2 using bottled gas, with a regulator, needle
valve, and reactor, and later a solenoid so that I can control things

I figure I can mailorder the needlevalve, regulator, and reactor, but what
about the gas?  Colleagues at work talk of hiring gas bottles from BOC
gases (who seem to have a monopoly).  The only price I could find so far
is $20 per month (which is ridiculous) for 4 foot long nitrogen bottles.

So has anyone else down-under done this?  I'd love some hints.



Suzy Jackson  suzyj at suzyj_net  http://www.suzyj.net