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Tank ventilation?

Today I got rid of the plastic rear edging (that you
can cut holes out of) on the back of my two pane glass
tank cover because it had become discolored and
brittle.  I replaced it with a new, uncut one.  The
new one does not have all the holes that the other one
had for equipment.  Now, co2 lines just run in under
it.  I want to keep it that way so when I add more
shrimp (my previous ones suffered a mysterious mass
die-off), they won't escape (you know how they are).  

I remember hearing something about a lack of
ventilation being bad.  Something about gas exchange. 
My aquarium is by no means airtight.  There is about a
1-4 inch gap at the front and the aforementioned crack
in the back.  If you pipe in the co2, isn't that
enough to get oxygen produced?  Or, can co2 accumulate
and get trapped under the lid, doing bad things?

A side question...  Why don't people with metal
halides ever keep a glass cover on to reduce
evaporation and create a moist atmosphere for floating
plants and emergent growth?  

Thanks, Cavan   

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