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Re: Blue green algae question

> I posted here about a week ago explaining how I managed to wipe out (completely) the BGA in my tank.

I posed this question to an Aquarium Shop owner and the first thing she asked me about was what I had for lights over the tank.  I thought to myself "man you are barking up the wrong tree!".  I have a 45 gallon planted tank.  I have been battling the BGA for a few months and getting quite frustrated.  Almost resorted to Maracyn (yet again).  I had 2 double strip lights
over the tank with 2 tritons (18 months old) and 1 Zoo Med Flora Sun.  She told me I had too much light and the tritons were probably too old.  I thought "you are full of crap".  So I removed one of the tritons and saw no difference. Still pulling the darn BGA out of the tank.  2 weeks ago (during my weekly maintenance, 30% water change), I decided to remove the other
triton and replace it with a ZooMed Ultra Sun.  So now I have no tritons on the tank.  Do you know that absolutely NONE of the BGA grew back after I cleaned the tank, and what was left on the plants, died!  I have been free of BGA for 2 weeks and I love looking at the tank again, also it doesn't smell either.

Lessons learned?  I think the Tritons were getting old and needed to be replaced.  I never had BGA problems during the first 15 months or so of the bulbs' life.  Seems like too easy of a fix, but it worked, and I can't explain it.

So...I think if you are having a BGA problem, replace the bulbs.  I have low nitrates (5) in the tank, yes I have phosphates and I use a phosphate remover.  I also have water movement in the tank, I have a Fluval 304 and a Penguin 330 on the tank. So the water is moving.  Don't fertilize the plants because I always get a nice crop of green algae when I do.  Don't use CO2
on the tank. Can't be bothered.

Do I enjoy my tank?  Definitely.  I have 3 Siamese Algae Eaters (yes, the real thing!) 3 Debauwi catfish (love them), 6 Shuberti Barbs (love them also), 7 Harlequin Rasboras,  3 Scissortail Rasboras, and 1 oto.