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Re: lighting + ballast

Diana said:

"Hello Folks:
     I had a ballast fail on a light hood that is 36 inches long
with 4
tubes.  So, I ordered a ballast from Ultralux which I found on
line.  I
spoke to a tech and it sounds like a good purchase for someone
who knows
very little about electricity.  It was spendy but I will see if
it is worth
it when I get it.  They say it will give me 15% brighter
illumination, and
because it is a soft start, it won't shorten the life of the
tubes.  Does
anyone have any experience with this company's ballast?"

I do not, BUT I'd go with the PC's rather than going back to the
Regular FL's but it does look good, especially if you like
T-8's. How much is it? You can get e-ballast pretty cheap at
most places(Home Depot etc).
Looks decent but the price is always an issue.

     "I am looking for a reliable and inexpensive source for
metal halide
systems and parts.  I have the outer shade for MH lights.  What
I need is a
kit or parts from a supplier that gives me the socket, wire
harnasses and
electronic ballast that I can install into my lovely, hanging,
bell shaped,
aluminum shades."

There's that guy that advertizes in FAMA and TFH with MH stuff
for cheap. 

  "I'm looking at setting up 175 or 250 watt suspended lamps.
I prefer open top tanks because I like to see my floating plants
from above
and don't want to mess with moving hoods and covers when I work
with the

If your tanks are shallower, say 18 inches or so I like the
175's but the 250's are nicer if you gave a deeper tanks or
decide to go to the reefs etc. I did not feel that the 175's
were enough for a 24 inch deep tank. They do fine in a sweet
spot but the 250's where better for the over all tank. But I
like higher light than most also:) You may prefer less lighting
or slower growers/prunings etc.
Tom Barr

PS how's NY?

     "Thanks, Diana"

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