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Blue green algae question

Hi everyone,

It's been ages since I've been on APD. I'm returning because I'm about to
throw my tank out the window!!

I have recurring blue-green algae. I can kill it but it keeps coming back.
What is it I need to add or delete to deter it?

tank is 50 gals, gravel with terralit, light fish load, lots of light,
injected CO2, many plants - been up and running for years (as those of you
who have been on here a long time will know). I'm using PMDD.. the adjusted
mix. I haven't been measuring things like iron, nitrate etc. because all
worked fine without knowing those things. My understanding is if nitrate is
missing blue-green will grow but there should be plenty of nitrate in
there. What is it exactly that blue-green loves?

Any suggestions?

in Vancouver