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Eheim question

"I have noticed that my 2215 Eheim isn't pumping like
it used to.  I replaced the filter floss, and still
the flow is sluggish.  Would this be typical of the
need for impeller replacement.  Btw, it doesn't make
any strange noises."

Assuming you have replaced all the media and have disassembled and
cleaned the rotor, bearings, and rotor housing and yet the trouble
remains, then you probably need to replace the bearings--I don't recall
if the parts come only as the whole rotor assembly.  I'm pretty sure
you can buy just the shaft and bearings from a discount house like
ThatPetPlace for a few bucks.  When the bearings become worn, the shaft
can slightly wobble, which reduces efficiency.  If it gets bad enough,
it can make the motor noisy, but efficiency will probably decline
before that happens.

If that is not the fix, then only other likelihood--and it's very
unlikely, is that some of the turns in the motor coils are shorted.  In
that case the motor housing will feel much hotter than normal because
the motor will draw more current than normal.  Very rare for an Eheim
motor to develop such a short but it can happen to any motor coil.  It
happened to one of mine after twenty five years of use.  If it does
happen, the higher heat promotes further shorting, and eventually the
motor burns out so you might as well replace the motor if its getting
too hot.

But you probably just need a few bucks worth of shaft and bearings.

Hope this proves useful.

Scott H

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