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was :water hardening / wallichii follow up

About rotala walichii - under high light conditions - 8 watt per gallon - I
got exceptional growth with high nitrate, 20 ppm, and 1.5ppm phosphate, the
Gh 7 and Kh 5. CO2 was stable and around 20 ppm and the Fe readings were
around 1ppm.
By exceptional growth I meant that the stem diameter was app. 2 inches and
the rising up pretty quick also.
Unfortunately my staghorn algae problem pushed me into playing with RO
reconstructed without any phosphate and lower additions of NO3, 5ppm, to the
point were I almost lost the plant - growing tips went white. After getting
back to tap water the plant is OK meaning that it needs weekly pruning but
the current NO3 levels around 5- 6ppm, again the darn staghorn, and
relatively low phosphate- around 0.2 ppm  give me less wider stems, app 1
inch diameter.
By the way when in top health the plant has definitely red tips. When the
tip is going pink is mean that pretty soon you going to get a slowing in
growth. This is hapend to me when I forgot to add NO3 or for some reason I
neglected the weekly water change with the consequent Flourish aditions.
That what I observed so far about this beautiful plant. If anybody else have
similar obervations or diferent ones for that matter  please let me know.

Best, Cosmin