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Microworm Cultures - Defense Fund

Live Microworm Cultures 4 Sale to Help Defense Fund

Hi All,

I am now selling live Microworm Cultures to help benefit the defense fund.
In case you've never heard of microworms: They are gourmet food for
tiny fish fry. The worms are easily propagated in small tupperware type
containers, etc., and each culture can last about one month or so.
They require no special care like refridgeration, aeration, - in fact,
I'd say they are "set it and forget it" cultures. An aquarist friend
of mine, (JoAnn - jmarella at home_com) who also posts here, turned me onto
these little worms (actually nemotodes) when another aquarist friend,
Chuck Gadd, gave me some cuttings and they turned out to be littered
with Rainbow Fish eggs. Having never raised Rainbows, I needed help in
a hurry. I can tell you that the little fry LOVE these worms once they
get about a week old or so. It is being said that they may be even more
nutritious than shrimp. They are also great transition food before using
Baby Brine Shrimp. I plan to always keep a live culture going from now on.

Anyway, using just about any Internet search engine, you can find out way
more than you ever wanted or needed to know about microworms, so I
won't make a short novel out of this. I will enclose instructions for
getting the cultures going when you innoculate yours from mine. I've
started two already from JoAnn's and a third is also now coming up to
speed - takes several days. I want to say, right up front, that I've
never mailed out any cultures before, I am not a business, but I do know
from experience here at 9200' altitude that they don't seem affected by a
20 degree temperature rise or fall. People do pack and mail these all across
the country, so I see no reason why I cannot also. I'll just keep
starting new cultures as long as people want some.

I will send ALL profits on any sale to the "Defense Fund" minus my
costs for packing and mailing by "priority mail."  I'd bet they could
be found cheaper if one hunted around enough, but those businesses
probably won't be helping our fellow aquarists stand against
injustice either.

If you're interested in microworms, I'll send you a live culture
for $8.50 including postage. Sorry, no overseas orders please.

Email me off list at:

emmettw at direcpc_com

Thank you for supporting the defense fund.