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Re: Eheim

This is *not* the first time I have seen references to HOTs being noisy. If your HOT is noisy, then it's broken! Mine are *dead* silent unless I let my water level get to low and then its just water turbulence. I have repeatedly abused my HOTs and they are still crankin'.

I agree that there is fewer options for media; however, what do you need in a planted tank? Circulation and suspended crud removal IMHO. Stuff it with floss and forget it........I won't be giving up my HOTs when I can get two for the price of one Eheim, despite the noted *quality difference*.
My *one* complaint about the HOTs is that I miss the  directional spray bar. The outflow of the HOT is pretty obnoxious, I think....

<I like the HOT Magnum also, but it is too noisy and not versatile enough for 
my tastes to use as a continuous filter. I use it as a spot filter for carbon
or micron filtration only. Whatever you prefer, but for anyone familiar....> 

My $.02,
John Wheeler