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re: Eheim and Hot Magnum

A noisy HOT Magnum??? Not here. Not even with CO2 going through. And I
have used at least 4 different ones. If I could only have one the HOT
would be it. They will take incredible abuse and keep on ticking. Also
they are almost disposable if bought from places like TPP compared to
other canisters. 
Every one I have used is so quiet I have to check visually or by touch
for waterflow.  And I have never, ever had a single one ever fail to
start immediately. 

Versatility? They are all you need for biological, chemical or
mechanical filtration. No kinked or clogged hoses. Ridiculously easy to
clean. Always hidden from view if you have a background. 

My HOT picks up a lot of the O2 bubbles from the plants in the tank. They 
accumulate and churn around and get spit out. It makes more noise than my 

Regarding versatility. The HOT is nowhere near as efficient for injecting CO2 
as the Eheim is. Very limited contact time and a much clearer path thru the 
filter back into the tank with the HOT. And very noisy with the CO2 flowing 
thru it so fast. I have used both. The Eheim is far superior for CO2 
injection. The HOT also needs servicing more often than my Eheims if used as 
a primary filter. The media capacity of the Eheim (2217 in my case) is much 
greater than the HOT by a large amount, and it can do chemical, bio and 
mechanical filtration at the same time, holding aequate amounts of all three 
types of media. The HOT carbon container has a total capacity of 2 cups 
(fact). Where else can you but bio or chemical media in it? The entire HOT 
cannister can only hold 7 cups of water anyways, give or take a 1/2 cup 
(fact). In a larger tank, using a HOT for bio or chemical as a primary filter 
is ineffectual, IMO. Limited by the small size of the carbon container and 
the small size of the cannister itself. Circulation or mechanical filtration, 
great. Spot chemical filtration, great. Maybe good as a primary in a smaller 
tank. No flow control on the HOT. You can control the flow on the Eheim. I 
think the quality of both is good, as well. The HOT is a great application 
for those who don't use any chemical or biofiltration in their planted tanks 
and only want circulation.                                 

Anyways, filter choice is a personal decision. I like both for different 
reasons. I have three large planted tanks and use the HOT for spot use on all 
three from time to time.

I think Eheim's current pricing is dirt cheap vs. the quality you get. Love 
the filters. My new 2028 just arrived from petwarehouse.com this afternoon.