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Re: Questions About Web Space

This seems a little off-topic, but I'll bet alot of folks are 
wondering where they could host a web site or aquarium photos, so 
here goes:

I can't vouch for the reliability, but I believe that freeservers.com 
still provides free web space. The downside is that they require you 
to display advertising banners. At one time, I had a web site there 
and found occassional problems with the servers slowing down. 
Overall, it was just "ok" since it was free. Like anything else, I 
suppose you get what you pay for, but it's not a bad option at the 

If you're looking for paid hosting, I can't say enough good things 
about futurequest.net. I've got three domains hosted there now and 
have never had a problem in almost two years. I don't work for them, 
but like any other service, if it's great I will mention it.

There are probably still a few services that do nothing but host 
photos for free, but I can't think of one off-hand. Usually there's a 
catch in the form of advertising. It seems like the number of those 
services has decreased over the past few years.

Anyway, my two cents for what it's worth.