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Re: More shrimp questions...

 >>I'm starting to wonder, since I've heard some things about these shrimp 
not being particularly hardy, would it be a good idea to just buy, say, 
five or so and see if I can keep them alive? <<

This is almost exactly what I did. Though they're cheapest in threes from 
my LFS, I got only one to "test the waters," so to speak. I put it in my 
10-gallon and after it had molted once or twice with no problems, I added 
three more. Like I said, I only lost one from this tank, and probably to 
jumping. I'd never kept a shrimp as a pet, so I wanted to see how it would 
work out. Personally, I wasn't really interested in getting more than the 
one, but after a while, I just found him to be too cool, and so did my 
husband ;o)

I got a lot of good info from the following: 

You'll have to sort through the numerous posts, but I think the stuff about 
C. japonica is primarily contributed by George Booth, and his "forwarding" 
of information from Shinji Egi. I don't remember if it was covered there, 
but I believe I read somewhere that excessive hardness or softness of water 
can affect the development of their new exoskeletons after molting, so 
here's another reason why you'd want to test out a few before investing in 
a bunch.