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Re: More shrimp questions...

William wrote...
I'm starting to wonder, since I've heard some things about these shrimp
not being particularly hardy, would it be a good idea to just buy, say,
five or so and see if I can keep them alive?

Also, since my tank is just getting running again, the plants haven't
grown in very densely yet, and there aren't that many hiding places. Will
this bother the shrimp? Once the plants get growing, I spend half an hour
every day looking for my cories. ;-)


If you get them from AZ Gardens, the minimum order is 12. Considering the
price of shipping, it might not be worth it to order less than that. If you
can get them locally the question is moot.

As far as their hardiness, I've not had any problems with them. They do fine
through water changes, pulling plants up, etc. The reason they need hiding
places is for when they molt and are at their most vulnerable. During other
times mine are as visible and active as any of my fish, and in fact don't
even shy away from my hands when I'm in the tank doing stuff.