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Re: Quality Equipment (was Eheim Filters)

The problem with some products is that they change.

The reference below to the Vortex filter is a case in point. The old Vortex
filters were great workhorses. I foolishly sold one that was over 15 years
old. Last year I bought another one. That was a piece of junk.

The plastic housing at the output broke right off, after the warranty
expired. It would have cost almost as much as a new filter to have the
plastic housing replaced. They cheapened the old design in order to keep the
cost down, thereby making a very good product into a fragile product.

I too have a AA fish feeder bought in 1979 and it is wonderful. I have never
had any problems. 
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

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> But while we are on the topic of things that last forever...
> My AA (now Lifeguard) fish feeder bought in 1978 is still going strong.  A
> Vortex diatom filter that is REALLY old still works when I need it.
> Lyndle Schenck