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Re: Noisy HOT Magnum

>I like the HOT Magnum also, but it is too
>noisy and not versatile enough for my
>tastes to use as a continuous filter.

A noisy HOT Magnum??? Not here. Not even with CO2 going through. And I
have used at least 4 different ones. If I could only have one the HOT
would be it. They will take incredible abuse and keep on ticking. Also
they are almost disposable if bought from places like TPP compared to
other canisters. 
Every one I have used is so quiet I have to check visually or by touch
for waterflow.  And I have never, ever had a single one ever fail to
start immediately. 

Versatility? They are all you need for biological, chemical or
mechanical filtration. No kinked or clogged hoses. Ridiculously easy to
clean. Always hidden from view if you have a background.