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Tempting Offer

At 8:28 AM +0800 8/10/01, someone wrote:
>Dear Kwek Leong,

>When you made your offer, I had a hard time deciding which plant to ask for
>as I wanted both. In the end, I decided on the Christmas moss, but when I
>opened the neatly packaged contents, I was very pleasantly suprised to find
>not only a generous portion of the moss, but also stems of narrow leafed java
>fern as well - a plant I had only seen pictures of. Pictures I drooled over,
>Now, I'll be the only one around here with these two magnificent plants. I
>feel compelled to go back and contribute additional funds to the defense
>which I will now gladly do.

Hi, folks,

The quoted message was sent to me through private email.  I'm putting it here
to tempt those folks who have not contributed to the fund yet to start thinking
about doing so.  My offer still stands.  I still have plenty of moss but
I'm running
out of narrow leaf java ferns.  There's only enough for another 5 persons
or so.  So, move fast if you want to get your hands on some very exotic plants.

Loh K L