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Name that deficiency!

Hello Everyone,

I have, I think, a deficiency I would appreciate assistance in identifying.
Mexican Oak Leaf leaves are disintegrating.  The leaves start turning brown
in spots, then two days later the leaf is entirely gone.  Tips of water
wisteria turn brown, then the leaf dies.  Whatever it is appears to be
hitting the fastest growing plants the hardest, althought Rotala Indica
doesn't show any symptoms and it grows like a weed.  I initially thought it
was a potassium deficiency and have been adding Flourish Potassium(tm), but
I haven't noticed a difference.  Tank is 30 gallons, heavily planted with
2.5 watts/gallon and CO2.  I also add TMG and PMDD.  I don't have all the
test kits I should, so I don't know about nitrate and phosphate levels.  I
realize I should and will get them, but any help in identifying would be
greatly appreciated.