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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1203 (Eheims on sale)

Scott <zerelli at yahoo_com> wrote:

"Holy cow those are expenxive! What do they do that
makes them worth so much, partial water changes?
Seriously though, for a third as much I will take
H.O.T. Magnums any day."

To each his or her own.  And HOTs are not bad filters--and Marineland
has a pretty good service department, too.  But for the money you get
two or three HOTs and they are only HOTs no matter how many you get. 
They MIGHT run for twenty or thirty years without serious repair, but
with an Eheim, it's more than a fair bet that it will.  I think the
eheims are quieter too.  Is that worth the price difference?  That's a
personal question each of us might ask but only some can afford to
answer in the affirmative.  So a good sale like this one adds a few
more to the group that answers yes.

Scott H.

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