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Woohoo! My Christmas Moss and Narrow Leaf Java Fern are here !!

Hey Gang!...just a quick note to let "KL" know that
there was an envelope im my mailbox when I arrived
home from work today !!....."KL" sent me a portion
approx equal in size to the one that cost me
$10.00Canadian from Tropica :).....here's hoping that
this batch fare's better than the Tropica did.I will
place it in my latest experiment(a 20gal on CO2)as
soon as its up and running...for now it will be in my
20gal q-tank along with my great gob of Riccia<g>
  ....anyway,just a quick note to say THANKS! to
"KL",and encourage others to contribute to the defence
 fund and reap the rewards.

James(Western Canada)

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