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Re: Substrate Gold and Natural Gold

Since I have received several inquiries as to the status of these products
let me set the record straight.

K. R. Schoeler Enterprises, Inc. has sold Substrate Gold (laterite) and
Natural Gold(water column
fertilizer) including all rights to Superior Tropicals, of Inver Grove
Heights, Minnesota.  This transaction occured
approximately three months ago.  Since Superior Tropicals is a major
importer and wholesaler of tropical
fish as well as aquatic plants it seemed to be a natural progression of
their business to aquire the aquatic
plant fertilizer business.

Both products are available through their warehouse facility at
1-651-450-6799.  They will have a newly
designed website shortly and will be able to accept orders via the internet
at that time.

I will assist in this transition to assure that no change in the product
quality occurs.


FAAS  HAP  Chair
K.R. Schoeler Enterprises, Inc