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Plants for defense fund

I have extra R. macrandra that has to come out this weekend.  I have enough
to send three or four lots out for $5 postage and a contribution to the APD
Defense fund.  Let your conscience be your guide.

The bag will contain 4 or 5 stems of R. Macrandra and a small assortment of
Crypts (wendtii green and sp?).  I have Bolbitis heudelotii (large variety)
so let me know if you want a piece of that as well.

Everything will go out via Priority Mail early next week.  I make no
guarantees on live delivery in this weather but even the Rotala should  do
OK.  Just don't automatically assume it is dead because the leaves are mush
as the stem will usually grow new leaves.  

Please e-mail me off-list for details and other plants I may have.  Again
the shipping is $5, cash or check, payable to Lyndle Schenck, 12910
Hillcrest Place, Charlotte Hall, MD  20622.  Phone 301 934-4769.  

Lyndle Schenck