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Still more moss for the defense fund

Hi, folks,

Edward Yow, a friend who sets up and services tanks professionally
visited me this afternoon.  He brought with him a big bag of Christmas
Moss.  He took the moss from one of his client's tank (an eight-footer)
after I asked him for help.

So now, I have more moss than when I first started this campaign to
help the defense fund.  But I'm running out of Narrow Leaf Java Ferns.

For those who have no idea what this thread is all about (there are still
many, I know) and have never seen Christmas Moss in its full glory, please
my website at:


Hope my posts are not too irritating.  I've been a subscriber of this mailing
list for years but until about 10 days ago, the number of posts I have sent
to it can be counted on the fingers of one hand.  All of a sudden, I have sent
so many in the last 10 days that I'm beginning to lose count.

Loh K L