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Eheim filters

	Holy cow those are expenxive! What do they do that
	makes them worth so much, partial water changes?
	Seriously though, for a third as much I will take
	H.O.T. Magnums any day. You could get two of those for
	the lowest ever price on the Eheims and still afford
	to eat out somewhere after ;-).


Purchase price is not everything.  I have an Eheim 2017 that has been in
near continuous service for almost 20 years.  It needs a replacement bushing
but That Fish Place still has them in stock.  The Magmums and Fluval
canister filters I have tried work OK but end up in the scrap box after a
few years.

But while we are on the topic of things that last forever...

My AA (now Lifeguard) fish feeder bought in 1978 is still going strong.  A
Vortex diatom filter that is REALLY old still works when I need it.

Lyndle Schenck