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Re: AJ

>Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 13:29:16 +0200
>From: Luca Specchio <lucky_luca at mclink_it>
>Subject: Re: Re: AJ

>I'm sorry, it was rude of me to ask you so directly. I apologize, I didn't
>mean to offend you but JUST to retrieve some infos about this matter.

Hi, Luca,

No apology needed.  I wasn't offended, not in any way.
I only dread answering the question but I'm glad I finally
got it off my chest.
>anyway... for all those of us who are waiting for a refund ... just
>yesterday the customer feedback of Vectrapoint finally answered me:

I'm really glad that Vectrapoint is going to give you back your money.
Just in case you think I got anything to do with this, the answer is no.
The last time I spoke to them about refunding foreign subscribers must
be more than a year ago.  But maybe Vectrapoint subscribes to this
mailing list too.  That, I'm really not sure.

Loh K L