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Re: moss

>> Call me anal if you will, but I like to know what is growing in my tanks.
> Hi, James,
> No, I won't call you anal.  Maybe some other name perhaps, but not that :)
> You have a good point there and I can understand that I may be adding to
> the confusion
> about the moss's name.  But until I know for sure what is its actual name, I
> will have to keep calling it Christmas Moss.

And the name is for the record:
Vesicularia sp. from the Amazon.
I think there's over 100 species but squawking about what constitutes a
species is well, a can of worms really. My definition of what a species IS
is "who can yell the loudest". That's pretty much what it boils down too.
Plants and specific species are much more gray than say animals and what
defines a species.
I like the name Xmas moss myself. Of course you could call it Tom-moss:)
Tom Barr