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RE: Power Compacts vs. VHO's

I would like to comment on the metal halide part of this thread.  I bought
the Icecap electronic ballast with Iwasaki 6500K bulb in 250 Watts for my 92
gallon.  As you may recall, I have had problems with virtually every
component of my new setup it seems.  The bulb was flickering as well as
emitting a very high pitched whine periodically.  Called Icecap and they
said to send it in and they would replace the circuit board, if need be, to
fix it.  Dave even promised that if I would put a note on it ATTN: Dave, he
would do everything he could to fix it the day it arrived.  He did by the
way.  Sent it back promptly and note said he couldn't get it to flicker but
replaced the board anyway.  (some of the older ones had the flicker problem
and perhaps I had gotten one that had been in inventory for awhile?)
Anyway, the flicker stopped.  For the whine he told me two things.

1.  The little igniter (it looks like a little coke can near base of bulb)
should be as close to upright as possible.  11 o'clock to 2 o'clock or close
to it.

2.  Sometimes the "stuff" in the igniter gets stuck together or clumped
together from shipping or something.  Take bulb by threaded end and shake it
down like an old glass thermometer.  That seems to have been my problem and
it has stopped.

He said if neither of these worked it was probably a bad bulb.

I guess the moral of the story is that I had problems again but the vendor,
yet again amazingly, stood behind their product and even fixed it even
though they couldn't get the flicker to occur.  They may not have been able
to see the difference between the two but I can!  Got to love that!!  There
was no problems, no anything, just fixed it and made me happy!


And those shimmer lines, wow, just beautiful.

Daphne in flicker-free Hotlanta