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Amano Shrimp


Sorry I am replying to this post so late.  I have been very busy lately and
have gotten behind in my reading.  Hope everyone will excuse this late reply
to a thread that probably already has several responses but I have had such
good experience with one company I had to put in my 2.

AquariumFish.net  - 858-270-1182 or http://www.aquariumfish.net/

I have dealt with Nevin (I think he kind of manages the warehousing and
sales operations) and Casey (I think he handles putting the orders together
and getting them out the door).  Both are great to deal with, very helpful
and in my experience very honest.  Back in June when I last ordered, it was
hard to find the shrimp and SAEs on their site so I usually called.

Every order I have placed has arrived double bagged with a heavy wire crimp
to ensure a good seal, securely packed in a styrofoam box with a styrofoam
lid.  My only problem with their fish not arriving alive has been due to the
local postal service.  My post office is incredibly bad - even the other
post offices in the area know and admit it (but that's another story).  When
the fish come via another carrier I have had no problems whatsoever.

I have purchased SAEs, Amano shrimp and Wood shrimp from them several times.
My orders were usually overfilled (in case a few die) and any shortages were
replaced at their expense.  Never had a problem that they did not
immediately rectify and they usually have offered to go way above what I
thought necessary.  I am one very satisfied customer.  These are great guys
and they provide great customer service.  Check these guys out before you
buy.  I would not hesitate to buy form them again.  In fact, it will be the
first place I look.


William wrote:

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 13:18:09 -0700
From: jgarden2000 at juno_com
Subject: Shrimp

OK, now I've gotton my leaky tank fixed and set up again (thanks to
everyone on the list who gave me advice, thanks to Mike Boyle at SFAS for
giving me the Silicone...) (and I got rid of the virus...).

Although it hasn't hit yet, I'm expecting another algae bloom. I always
get this hairy, tangled, clumping algae that chokes my plants. Sometimes
it gets so back that my fish get tangled in it! Generally, all I have to
do to remove large swaths of it is to stick out my fingers and drag them
through the plants. Still, someone told me that the Amano shrimp would
eat the algae, or some algae that looks similar (and besides, Amano
shrimp look neat!). So, the question is, how many shrimp would you
recommend long-term for a forty-gallon tank? I'm willing to help them out
manually in "crisis" situations.

Thanks for helping out a newbie! :-)