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Re: Low Light "Fluffy" Plants

>I've set up a 7-gallon All Glass Mini Bow at work a la Walstad.  The mini
>bow has a 14-watt flourescent light in the hood.  I've looked through plant
>lists on the net and in what books I have and can't seem to find a "fluffy"
>plant that might do well in this tank.  Are there any?

Hi Ellen,

I've managed to get green cabomba to grow okay with less light - the red
form won't, try the green one and see.  Does the tank get any bit of
sunlight during the day?  I've got a really low light tank that gets about
an hour of sun on one end daily, and it grows fine on that end.

Another one that you might consider. atho not a "fluffy", to add a bit more
interest is baby's tears, Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' - it won't go gold
in lower light, but it is still a lighter green that shows up well against
darker plants.

hope that helps,

Susi Barber