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Keep an eye on letter box, please

At 9:06 AM +0800 8/7/01, someone wrote:
>Dear Loh K L:
>The Christmas Moss arrived today, Monday, August 6th, in fine condition.
>I've already put it on the driftwood in my 30-gallon tank and hope it will
>take hold and grow.  Many thanks.

Hi, folks,

The above message was sent to me through private email.  I'm quoting
it here to remind those folks who wrote me for the moss to keep an eye on
their letter boxes.  Your moss should be arriving any day now.

I still have moss but I'm all out on requests.  Please, write me for your free
moss.  All it takes is a small contribution to the defense fund.  Give whatever
amount is comfortable to you.

Someone from Dallas wrote me on behalf of his aquatic plant club.  I sent him
2 extra large envelopes, one for the Christmas Moss and the other for the
Leaf Java Ferns.  If you can round up a few hobbyists who are willing to
to the fund too, please write to me and I will do the same for you.  The
of getting the ferns in an extra large envelope is that all the leaves will
not be
snipped off.  As for the moss, you will get enough to grow your own moss wall.

Regards to all,

Loh K L