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Defense Fund Plants

I would like to sell of the following plants THIS WEEK instead of selling
them on Aquabid for the defense fund.  Please email as soon as possible if
you are interested.  I want to send them out Mon - Wed of next week
(13th-15th) so you'll have to act this week.  If you'd like to add some
extra $ please do so as the fund can use all of the money they can get.  If
you pay by check make the amount for the plants payable to: "(check, money
order or bank draft), payable to  John Benn, Trust Account".  I will forward
the checks on to John at his law office.  Shipping is $5, Priority,
including a styro box.  If you buy more than ~ 6 items add another $1 for
increased weight.  Hey, and you now know that these boxes alone are worth
$10 :-)  Send a check for shipping (US only), payable to Gary Lange.  Email
me OFFLIST to reserve your plants and for an address or additional
questions.  Paypal is a great way to pay for this: please visit the web
site at http://www.paypal.com   The email ID for contributions is
jbenn at jblaw_org .  Just include a note to John letting him know that it was
for plants from Gary Lange and the type  of plant so he can let me know that
the payment was received.  You can send a paypal payment for shipping to
Gary Lange, gwlange at mindspring_com Include the address you want the box
shipped to plus a phone # for the outside of the box.

1) Sag subulata - gone wild (15 + inches now) 24 plants/$12 (4 lots
2) Giant sag (S. graminea) 1plant 3'+ leaves & 1 @ 18+inches 2/$4 ( 2 lots
3) Lagarosiphon major 10+ stems/$5. (5+ lots available)
4) Phylanthus fluitans - red rooted floating plant with little flowers 1
pint/$5 (3 lots)
5) Green/red crypts? 4-7 inches tall, grows like a weed $1.50 ea (10)
6) Ozelot sword plantlets ~ 3 inches 2/$4 (1 lot).
7) Amano's Pearl Grass, the culture Neal Frank brought from Japan - starter
8) Najas - great for fry tanks ~ 1pt/$4 (4 lots)

It's time to give back!  I hope that others will also offer up plants for
the defense fund here and on Aquabid.

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com