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re: pruning tips for Ammannia Senegalensis

David wrote:
"I have some A. senegalensis in my 125 gallon tank. CO2, PC lighting, TMG.
stalks have reached the top of the water, and they have lost their leaves on

the lower 2/3. Would I get new growth if I cut the stalk say 1/2 way down?
this point there would be no leaves. Should I cut the stalk at the 1/2 way 
point, pull up the bare stalk and replant the top? This plant is totally new

to me, so I don't know the correct pruning technique. The stalks are not
I would say crowded, at least a couple inches between each.

I would really appreciate any help.
Thank you.


Ammania Senegalensis, although somewhat more "temperamental" than many other
stem plants, still retains the typical stem plant growth patterns. If it is
already growing out of your 125 I would say you already have the hard part
down <G>.

As it breaks the water's surface the leaves will become much thicker and
more rounded and will loose the pink coloration and turn green. Concurrent
with the changes from submersed growth to emersed growth will be the lack of
new growth of submersed leaves. The plant will utilize the emersed portion
to focus its energy. This is the case with almost any stem plant that
transitions from submersed to emersed growth. It is much easier for the
plant to utilize CO2 from air than water among other possible reasons.

I typically cut the tops off and replant them before the plant grows out of
the water. This helps to keep the leaves more attractive (IMO).
You can leave the bare stalks if you want. Many times new growth will be
catalyzed by the act of topping it. You can cut it where ever it is going to
be most aesthetically pleasing. IME as long as the growth on the cutting is
strong it will take just fine, even if it is only a 3" piece.

The only other thing is to use a good pair of scissors to cut it as the
stalk can be damaged if you pinch it.  Again, nothing new here.


Larry Lampert
Dallas, TX
"Where it is hot......like the inside of a blast furnace."