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Re: Low Light "Fluffy" Plants

> bow has a 14-watt flourescent light in the hood.  I've looked through plant
> lists on the net and in what books I have and can't seem to find a "fluffy"
> plant that might do well in this tank.  Are there any?  A couple of
> references sound as if limnophila sessiliflora or myriophyllum aquaticum

The myriophyllum definitely won't like low light.  But I've got either
Limnophila aquatica or Limnophila sessiliflora, and it does amazingly
well in my under-lit 46g tank (70 watts) and my under-lit 29g (60 watts).

If you can't find any, let me know, I've ALWAYS got extra of it. 

Chuck Gadd