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Re: A couple questions

Brad Larsen <buffGuyBJL at mediaone_net> wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>Still planning out my 120 gallon system, these questions arose in my mind:
>1. If you are using a wet-dry filter on a CO2 injected tank, and you left
>the wet-dry open to the room air, you would lose most of your CO2.  But then
>if you sealed the wet-dry to keep CO2 in the water, wouldn't this defeat the
>purpose of using wet-dry?  After a short time, with carbon-dioxide injected
>water trickling through the sealed filter, the chamber would fill up with
>CO2.  The water would be coming in contact with CO2, not oxygen.

I would think so. Any O2 in the sealed chamber would be quickly consumed
by aerobic bacteria, and these would then die off. This is the main reason 
why I opted for a canister instead of a wet-dry in my 120...

>2.  This one is just curiosity....  Wouldn't water coming out of an RO unit
>be a pH of 7?  I thought these produced pure water, without anything else in
>it.  So why then, is the pH of RO water low? (in the 4-6 range)
>Please clear me up on these if I'm wrong.  Thanks for the help.

Maybe because the RO water isn't buffered, and CO2 from air quickly dissolves
in it and pulls pH down.

>Brad Larsen

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD