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Re: N deficiency = stunted growth + algae?

At 15.48 05/08/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I've been using Tetra Flora Pride for the past few weeks that contains no
>NO3 & PO4. And from a fishload of 50 over Tetra-sized fish in a 2 feet setup
>3 mths ago, I reduced it to now a mere 15 or so fishes. Feeding was minimal
>and plants alot. In the past, plant growth was fast and furious. Now, plants
>get stunted despite good CO2 & lighting. Do you guys think that the amount
>of fish I have is enough to maintain a good NO3 supply? My local tapwater
>does provide some NO3 also.

it's very likely to be like you said. Even if without a NO3 test kit, you 
might have the idea to add KNO3 to the tank dosing it to have 10ppm NO3 
once a week (if you change water on weekly base) and see what happens.

hope this helps :-))

Best Wishes,
Luca Specchio