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Re: Narrow leaved Java Fern

As a point of interest, check this web site -

It is a "key" to ferns growing in New Guinea, and leads me to believe that
the narrow leaved Java Fern might be a different species (Microsorium
brassii) to the "normal" Java Fern (Microsorium pteropus). The information
given in the key indicates that the fronds on brassii are always simple and
strap like, while those on pteropus may be simple or lobed. I know that the
pteropus I've grown over the years quite often change frond form as they
grow. However, the key also indicates that the name "brassii" might just be
a form or variant of "pteropus".

Personally, I get almost as much pleasure out of knowing the proper names of
the plants that I grow and the locations where they are found in nature, as
I do from growing them in my aquariums. It makes me feel good to think that
I have something which is also found in a jungle stream half a world away -
sort of makes it easier to live through the cold Canadian winters <g>.

It might be interesting to know if those folks who have the narrow leaved
Java Fern have ever seen their plants throw up lobed fronds (indicating that
it is probably just a variant of pteropus).

James Purchase