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N deficiency = stunted growth + algae?

I've been using Tetra Flora Pride for the past few weeks that contains no
NO3 & PO4. And from a fishload of 50 over Tetra-sized fish in a 2 feet setup
3 mths ago, I reduced it to now a mere 15 or so fishes. Feeding was minimal
and plants alot. In the past, plant growth was fast and furious. Now, plants
get stunted despite good CO2 & lighting. Do you guys think that the amount
of fish I have is enough to maintain a good NO3 supply? My local tapwater
does provide some NO3 also. But what I'm suspecting is that there's not
enough NO3 as every inch of the tank is planted and they are the fast
growing types like Hygrophila Polysperma, Rotala sp, Riccia etc. I know its
no good guessing whether NO3 is sufficient or not without the nitrate test
kit. I'm getting it soon when I hv the $ :)

And also, what does BGA means really. Blue-Green Algae ? What's that? I do
have a lot of green spot algae over the glass and leaves.Do they belong to
the BGA family? Even my H.Polysperma is not spared either :(. Any
suggestions beside bleaching them?

Thanks in advance everyone.

Chee Ming (sp)