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Re: Narrow Leaf Java Ferns

Thanks for trying - the ID comes from "Freshwater Plants of New Guinea" by
Leach and Osborne and the spelling is "brassii".

Bruce ( Hansen )
vicepresident - ANGFA Inc (www.angfa.org.au)
                      - ANGFA (Qld) Inc (www.angfaqld.org.au)

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> I didn't collect the ferns myself.  I seriously doubt they grow in the
> anywhere in Singapore.  We do have a lot of normal Java Ferns but in
> my nature walks, I have never come across the narrow leaf version.
> I called my aquatic plant import/exporter friend on the phone just now
> and she said that she isn't sure of the scientific name either.  When I
> mentioned
> Microsorium brassii, she said the only brassii she knows is Cryptocoryne
> blassii.  But then, that blassii is spelt with an l and not an r.
> When I asked her how she lists the plant in her invoices, she replied that
> she calls it Microsorium pteropus (narrow leaf).  So, there you have it -
> Narrow Leaf Java Fern.