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Re: R. wallichii

Hey Joe,

<I recently noticed that some newly planted wallachi stems which just 
yesterday were doing fine, are today showing "white" tips where the pink 
used to be.  One stem actually has been broken and floated to surface.>

I'm not sure about R. wallichii not liking high nutrient levels. I keep my levels pretty high and this is one of my "weed" plants. White tips and fragile stems sounds an awful lot like calcium deficiency. Maybe boron or iron even, but probably calcium.

If you have very soft water, you may need to supplement CaCO3 and magnesium. How are your iron levels? I once had very similar symptoms that you describe in some L. arcuata, and, sure enough, after a couple of weeks of adding calcium and magnesium they put forth new and much more colorful shoots, not mention *much* bigger(plz excuse my run-on sentence;).

Hope this helps,
John Wheeler