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Re: Eheim Wet/Dry

Scheele gave some input to Arthur on the Eheim wet/dry filter. While my
Eheim isn't one of the new wet/dry models (I've got an old 2260 that I use
on my 130 gallon plant tank) I wouldn't be so quick to put down the use of
the wet/dry model.

First of all, Arthur didn't say anything about his plans for fish stocking
levels in this tank. In a very lightly stocked, heavily planted tank, the
only type of filtration really required is mechanical - there should be
enough bacteria inside of the tank to take care of anything the plants don't
absorb. But we are sometimes given to temptation, and just can't resist
adding a new fish here and another one there.....soon, the stocking levels
can creep up without us even being aware of it. Excess capacity in a filter
system isn't going to hurt anything. Circulation is needed in all tanks and
a big canister can certainly help there as the output can be split into
several lines - Eheim makes many fittings for just this purpose.

I like what Scheele said about using a foam pre-filter on the intake stem of
his Eheim. I do the same and find that it collects a lot of gung which is
easily removed from the system on a regular basis. Cleaning a filter the
size of a small garbage can is a chore, and if I can get away with only
doing it every 6 months I'm a happy camper.

I also agree with leaving out the UG filter plates. Nobody has shown any
credible ressults (which I'm aware of, and I've looked into it) that
indicates a plenum would serve any purpose in a freshwater system.
Additionally, for a few years I had a home-made substrate heating system
made from expoy covered tubing installed in my big tank. It was overlaid by
plastic eggcrate and it was always a pain the way plant roots would get
entangled in the eggcrate when I wanted to transplant anything. An UG filter
plate would probably cause the same problems. Removing them from an already
running system is not something I'd do, but since he's starting from scratch
I'd just leave them out.

Criticizing a wet/dry filter for CO2 loss is another point I'd take issue
with. The Eheim wet-dry would probably off gas a lot less CO2 than a
traditional open wet/dry which used bioballs. Bottled CO2 is cheap - if your
10 lb bottle runs out in 4 months, rent or buy a 20 lb bottle. There isn't
anything wrong with the additional O2 that this type of system might put
into the tank.

And what is wrong with the fact that the Eheim is pulling in some room air?
Unless the tank is hermetically sealed, it is going to be exposed to the air
in the room. Unless there are several heavy smokers in the room, puffing up
a storm, I don't see that as a problem (I say this with a wicked weed in my

If Arthur can get the Eheim wet/dry for a good price, comparable to going
out and buying a new Eheim without the feature, I'd recommed that he go for
it. Nobody ever regrets buying an Eheim - they are built like tanks and last

James Purchase