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Re: shipping containers

>>They are probably more expensive than the disposable
styro coolers you can get at Wal-Mart, but much
thicker as well (and wouldn't need another box around
them for shipping).<<

I have shipped using the Wal-mart coolers without a
box, without problems.  Trust me, you can't beat
Wal-Mart.  For the price of shipping only for the
"good" coolers, you can get the Wal-Mart coolers.  And
if you are worried about the insulation being too
thin, then put in a 75 cent freeze pack.

I received some plants from Gary (thank you) in a very
nice cooler.  They were HOT to the touch when I opened
the cooler.  Styrofoam by itself in extreme weather
won't cut it.  You need a heat sink.  Hence the freeze

As long as I am trumpeting Wal-mart, I'll also mention
that it is a good place to get poly-fil (filter
floss).  And waterbed drainage kits (for water
changes).  And...   :)


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